CKM - Online Admission

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Saturday May 7

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9:30 AM  –  5:00 PM


ALL MEMBERS & ALL GUESTS: Please Register or Sign In at the top of the screen (in the yellow). This has to be done to reserve or purchase tickets. 

To purchase tickets: After you have signed into your account, or created a new account, click Other dates or Other times at top of page for choices, then scroll below to choose admission tickets. If the time showing says 9:30-5, please note the other start times available...please press the "Other Times" line to choose another entrance time. Your admission is good for the specific time listed. 

CURIOUS KIDS’ MUSEUM Let’s make some noise and have some funIt is our main priority (and always has been) to provide a safe environment and we know you will help us continue to do so. Thank YOU!

*KNOW BEFORE YOU GO*  Please print your tickets (email will be sent) and bring them with you OR have your barcodes on your cellphone, readily viewable upon arrival

*RESERVATIONS AND PRICING* Imagine for a moment: no more long pesky lines or hour-long waiting times on those rainy days or busy days! When you receive your tickets via email, please double check date, session time and location of your reservation. 

 What the admission choices mean:

  CKM MEMBER: Current Curious Kids’ Museum or Benefactor members (regardless of age). Please, only the members listed on the membership. *The $8 admission will be discounted the member discount (free!) at check out. Guests would count as a CKM Gen AdmissionMembership discount not being recognized? See CKM Non-pay below.

CKM Gen Admission: $8 per person, 12 months and older. 10 person ticket sales limit. We are not taking any groups, daycares or summer camps at this time.

   CKM ACM Admission: $4 per person, up to 6 people. For those who have Association of Children’s Museum (ACM) reciprocity through their home museum. Membership card must be presented with the ACM logo to verify discount and driver's license. One card per family. Your ticket will be invalid without card and ID.

CKM Non-pay: Free. Use this for 11 months and under or if you are using a Guest Pass. Please bring Guest Pass with you. Use this if you are a current member and are not receiving your member discount, if you have a Gift Certificate for a membership you need to redeem to begin your member benefits (free admission) or if you recently purchased your membership online (member benefits are not always instantaneous) or if your membership discount is not being applied and it's asking for you to pay. Also, use this if you plan on purchasing a membership the day of your visit

CKM Military Adm: Free admission for those who have served or are serving our country! Please bring your Military ID. Limit one person/admission per ID. Your ticket will be invalid without ID. Thank you for your service!

CKM EBT: $4 per person, up to 4 people. Please present both signed card and your ID. One card per family. Max ticket purchase is 4. More than 4 tickets will require regular admission...please use the above category CKM Gen Admission for the additional admissions. Your ticket will be invalid without card & ID.

If you or a family member are feeling ill, please come play another time. We'll be here! Admission tickets are non-refundable but we are more than happy to reschedule.

    Please Note: Upon completion of your sale, you will receive 2 emails. If you do not receive both emails, need to reschedule or just have a question, please contact us at 269-983-2543. We are looking forward to your visit! Please note: St. Joseph, MI is on Eastern time.